Monday, June 18, 2007

This magic moment

Last month I blogged about those times in the studio when nothing seems to come out right, no matter what you do ("Trash or Treasure").

Well, today, I'm happy to report, I had one of those studio days when everything seems to come out right! I made the picture above, collaging some new marks on paper I made this morning over an old painting that I wasn't quite happy with but didn't know how to finish.

And it was one of those experiences when you KNOW you're not really making the painting; yours are just the hands that happen to be holding the brush.

So while this isn't the greatest photo in the world, it gives you an idea of what I wanted -- the feeling that what once were lines joined in a network have been broken apart, but they have not quite separated entirely. And the fresh area of the background can be seen between the breaks, implying that new possibilities are waiting in the wings.

The painting is 50" H x 30" W and made of acrylic, torn paper, and fabric on canvas.

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