Saturday, July 28, 2007

The muse has no watch or calendar

I really "shouldn't" have been painting at all. There were a million things I should have been doing ... preparing for my classes, preparing for a family commitment I had the following day, plus the usual cleaning and straightening around the house.

But something came over me on Friday. I woke up at 1:00 in the morning, after having been asleep for a few hours. I got up for a snack, then started puttering a bit in the studio ... and before you know it, it was 8 AM! I went back to bed until noon and then got up again, intending to get to all those things I needed to get done during the day on Friday, a little concerned at my late-day start. But I thought I would just check on what I had done in the studio ...

And suddenly it was late afternoon! I rushed out to do a few errands that really had to get done, then peeked into the studio one more time ... and before you know it, it was 11 PM! And somehow I had before me three wonderful paintings on canvas (one is shown at the top of this blog) and 10 works on paper!

From early Friday morning to late Friday night, the muse paid me a visit, and she wouldn't be turned away, no matter what my schedule said I should be doing instead.

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