Sunday, July 22, 2007

Next stage

I've added a layer to the acrylic/pastel works on paper I had started last week. They seemed to need a touch of precision in order to be finished, but I didn't want to cover any of the current marks.

Just now I've collaged on some jaggedly-cut strips of sheer white cloth that had lines painted on them. This layer adds sharp lines at random spots, giving some detail and emphasis without undoing what was already there.

This could be a great process for me to continue on with: making impulsive marks with both wet and dry media, then pulling them together with a careful eye. Just unpredictable enough to satisfy my restless Gemini nature, just controlled enough to calm my Virgo Rising, just expressive enough for my freedom-seeking Moon in Libra. Perfect combination of messy and elegant, random and informed.

I firmly believe that the process and media really have to reflect the artist's temperament, personality and natural inclinations. This can change from time to time, as we as people change. But you can't fight who you are, and why try? Instead, enjoy what makes you YOU.

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