Thursday, August 16, 2007

The low-tech printmaker

I had a lot of luck and enjoyment yesterday, working with squirt bottles of fluid acrylic, large sheets of paper, and a brayer. I made marks on one sheet, laid a fresh page over it, ran the brayer over the back, pulled them apart, and then went on from there. I also added some marks with soft pastels once the paint had dried. This gives a nice contrast of "dry lines" mixed with the soft runny paint lines. (An example of one page I made is shown above.)

This process has all the unexpectedness and intuitiveness of printmaking, without any of the uptight preparatory steps. It has the spontaneity of making monoprints without the need for cleaning plates (the pages themselves act as the plates).

I know making art is hard work. But also it's such fun, it feels like playing.

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