Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Whoever you are, you made my day

I just picked up my paintings from the Framingham State College faculty show (one of them is pictured above), which closed on Monday.

As I was wrapping my work, I read over the comment book that had been posted near the door, and was happy to find not only appreciative remarks about the show in general, but a number of kind statements about my work in particular.

One wonderful soul wrote, “Catherine Carter’s work = amazing.”

It’s a groovy feeling to know that someone really enjoyed looking at my paintings! Blessings on those generous writers who recorded such complimentary reactions.

This uplifting experience brings to mind a firm conviction of mine, and that is the importance of remembering to share our POSITIVE experiences, to thank and validate those whose efforts we appreciate and benefit from.

From the car service department that asks us to fill out a “report card” when we have our oil changed, to the comments feature on, our opinions are constantly being solicited these days. And I often see people use these forums to complain or belittle.

Not that you shouldn’t speak up when you receive bad service. But just as many (if not more) times, we receive wonderful service, or have an enjoyable experience because someone tried their best to help us, or put a great deal of effort into doing a good job or developing their talent.

We must speak up about these good experiences too. The world would be a better place if the positive was highlighted more than (or to the exclusion of!) the negative. There are plenty of negative voices that need to be balanced with your words of praise – such as the fear-mongering rhetoric of politicians and the media, road rage, or the prevalent philosophy that whoever comes up with the wittiest putdown “wins.”

To whoever wrote that my work is amazing, I reply, your taking the time to express your pleasure is AMAZING, and I thank you.

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