Monday, November 12, 2007

Career musings

I have to laugh when I recall that I received almost no response to the mailing I sent out back in June to a carefully researched list of curators, gallerists and consultants, BUT I have made a number of successful connections since then with total strangers who happened upon my web site or blog.

My mailing generated two rejection letters, one from a museum curator who said he didn’t have time to give me a critique (I didn’t ask for one) and one from an art consultant who said she didn’t think she could sell my work.

But as far as contacts from people who just happened to find my work on line, I met an art consultant who sold seven of my paintings, another art consultant who also sold a painting, and I was invited to exhibit through the ART In Embassies Program. What is the lesson here? I guess it’s: you just never know.

Above is another new painting from my latest Mosaic Series. This one is 30 inches square. I’m really digging working in this way; it combines collage, printing and painting, giving me a way to work randomly and decisively, carefully and heedlessly, all at the same time.

I’ve just dropped off a bunch of new works to be professionally photographed and am looking forward to getting them on my web site soon. (This is my chance to plug a wonderful photographer, Joe Ofria, and a wonderful web designer, Jeanne Williamson.) My work is to be featured in the January publication of Studio Visit Magazine, so I’m hoping to have the web site in ship shape by then.

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