Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New blue

Here's a new finished piece, made up of those circles I wrote about last time. (Excuse tilted image. Hey, I'm getting better -- at least this time my picture didn't have the cat blocking the painting.) The size is 40" square.

Here's a detail picture of this painting:

Good news -- I've been invited to participate in a three-person show at a Boston-area college later this year/early next year. Details are still in the works, but I'm all excited about the opportunity! Sometimes pleasant anticipation is as thrilling as the actual experience.


Sara said...

oh wow! now that I'm reading your next post - just had to leave one more comment...this is a fabulous piece! It really pops - and the blue circles look like they're full of depth....and you struggle with the kitties trying to monopolize your painting shots too? lol

Catherine Carter said...

Thank you again, Sara, I was quite pleased with this piece so I'm glad to hear some good feedback on it. Yes, Petey the cat always manages to sneak into the painting somewhere. Not that he wants to be a star; he just likes to hang around and "make the scene."