Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Consulting the cat

Need reliable, free legal or career advice? Your best resource is your cat.

I have found that my cat, Petey, will "voice" his opinion by his reaction to printed documents that I put on my bed, his favorite place to sleep.

Once time, I had printed out information on a job I was considering applying for. I brought the paper up to bed along with a book and a magazine, planning to look through them and reread the job description before I fell asleep. Petey immediately spied the job page lying beside me on the bedspread, and he sat down beside it and began chewing at the edges. He eventually shredded the whole document.

What more of a sign do I need, I thought. I never applied for that job, and later was very glad I didn't. As it turned out, Petey was right; it wouldn't have been a good career move for me.

Last night I printed out a contract I was considering signing, and brought it upstairs to bed with me, along with some other reading matter, figuring I'd reread it one more time before I fell asleep. Petey took one look at the contract pages sitting on the bed, and curled up contentedly in a ball on top of them. Needless to say, I plan to sign and send in the contract immediately.

The above photo is one of many Petey pics taken by my husband, Kevin Seward.


Martha Marshall said...

Ain't it the truth, Catherine! Those kitties have some kind of direct line to the collective unconscious, I think. I've always heard they were psychic and tend to believe it's true.

Catherine Carter said...

I know I've made the right decision when I follow Petey's directives! (Which often include food serving and litter-box cleaning instructions.) Thank you for writing, Martha!