Sunday, September 14, 2008

Plunging ahead

Next week, I plunge into full fall teaching mode! I've done all the planning I possibly can, many hours of it, and now there's really nothing more I can do but DO IT.

Among many other things, I'm teaching a landscape painting course which will involve some work en plein air. The above photo shows me walking at Callahan State Park in Framingham, Massachusetts, one of the lovely locations that I enjoy taking my students to for painting. My husband Kevin shot it during a visit we made last week, one of the last blissful days of summer, before autumn and then holiday busy-ness set in!

I just spent several hours filling in my calendar for the fall and into next spring. My time will be full of teaching, but I also have three wonderful shows coming up in the spring to look forward to. Finally, I'll have a chance to get some of those new paintings I made over the summer out of the studio and into the world!

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