Friday, October 17, 2008

Wendy Soneson's watercolor portrait exhibit

Here is my dear friend, Wendy Soneson, in front of a poster on a kiosk in Coolidge Corner, which advertises her upcoming exhibit of watercolor portraits. (She cleverly morphed tiny closeups of the portraits into an image of the Mona Lisa!)

For Wendy's exhibit, titled "The Women of Brookline," she created more than 40 portraits of Brookline's most accomplished female citizens. Inspired by the soul-searching portraits of Alice Neel, her paintings are mini-biographies of the women as people, not mere renderings of their faces. Wendy received a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council in support of her project. Some of these portraits can be viewed on her blog here.

"The Women of Brookline" opens at the Brookline Arts Center this Sunday, October 19, with an opening reception from 3 to 5 PM. For more information, visit the Brookline Arts Center's website here.


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Yes, Wendy's work is amazing (and so is she).