Sunday, June 21, 2009

Inner and outer cleaning

I have a little time to myself this-coming week, and I'm going into "letting go" mode. Not in the mood to create, I'm in the mood to moderate, alter or chuck what I've made in the past. I honestly don't feel that I can move forward as an artist until I take this step.

As a start, I went through all of my old works of paper this morning. Some are beautiful, and ready to be mounted on canvas for exhibition and sale (one at the top of this post). Some are horrible and I've made a pile of them to use to "blot up" excess paint on future paintings. Some aren't satisfactory as individual pieces, but they contain some nice marks here and there that could be cut out and incorporated into some of the small collages I've been making. I've also been planning to make some greeting cards, and this last batch of papers could serve that purpose also.

As if to echo what's going on in the studio, I had a reiki treatment this afternoon. A little inner house-cleaning, to go along with the outer.

When all is weeded, neatened and organized -- my book cases, my clothes closet, my filing cabinet, my teaching supply shelves, and my studio -- my next creative direction will be clear. Now if I can just get it all done within the next 5 days!

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