Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Exploring blue

Here are the initial results of my exploration of BLUE. These are very poor quality images, but at least they give you an idea. There is really no white in these, but a bunch of different blues -- phthalo blue, turquoise, and several home-mixed blues. These are 30 inches square; I'm also working on some small ones, and plan to go up to 40 inches next.


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,

I am just sitting here in bed with my laptop, soaking up all the beautiful work you do.

These blues are really beautiful. As I am looking at your swirls, I wonder if your heart is ever in your mouth while you're swirling. :)

I would be so afraid of zipping when I should have zapped! As I see it, you don't get a second chance to change your mind. I guess practice makes perfect. It does look perfect.

Cheers, Sherrill

Catherine Carter said...

Thank you so much, Sherrill! That's the beauty of acrylic -- you can always wash it off (or paint over it). And being able to change your mind really frees you up while you're working.