Thursday, August 13, 2009

Progress on blue series

I have finished three panels (stretched canvases, actually, but their long thin format makes me call them panels) in my blue series, and in looking at them together, I have made some decisions. (First of all, they will eventually need to be professionally photographed!)

My intention had been to have all kinds of different blues and directional marks. But I'm thinking this takes away from the individuality of each piece, rather than enhancing it.

So I'm going to take the middle piece (shown below) and make two (maybe more) panels with vertical marks and carvings like it has.

Then I'm going to try making a third piece to show with the lefthand one and the righthand one. If this third piece somehow bridges them, fine; otherwise, I might give each one its own series.

Closeup of lefthand panel:

Closeup of righthand panel:

I'm having so much fun with this series, learning a lot about blue and how to play with different blue values and hues, and also discovering what I really want to say with this series (graphic vs. textural vs. dimensional appearance).


Ian MacLeod said...

these are beautiful paintings - thank you for showing the details.

Catherine Carter said...

Thank you so much, Ian, I appreciate your writing.