Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's new

My order from Dick Blick arrived yesterday, which included my R&F pigment sticks! I spent about 5 minutes sitting there sniffing them (as did Petey my cat). Ah, what a wonderful smell!!! (Yes, I am one of those kids who used to huff the handouts freshly run off on the mimeograph machine at school. Those were the days ...)

Anyway, Fridays and weekends are my painting days this semester, so I'm looking forward to plunging in with the pigment sticks plus some new colors I bought.

Also I'm getting very antsy with only one show in my future, so I've been spending lots of mornings before my classes begin compiling packets to mail out. We'll see what comes of it all. You know the drill; opportunities ebb and flow like waves. One day you have no shows, the next day you have 10 shows.

In other news, I've been making shoe drawings lately while my students are working in my fashion illustration classes, and I'm really enjoying how they're coming out (see example, above). So I've decided that I'm going to make a series of, say, 20, and then find a place to show them that has some kind of fashion connection -- a gallery at a college that has a fashion department, for example, or perhaps a clothing boutique.

This new series is in no way meant to replace my big loose abstract stuff. I'm just wondering what would happen if I showed detailed realism for a change, and I do love making these shoe drawings. We'll see what turns up!

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