Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vermeer would sneer

There's a lot of stuff in my studio to paint with, but very little of it could be considered "real" art supplies.

My "palettes" are the bottom halves of a bunch of cut-up old gallon spring water containers.

The supports for my paintings to keep them off the tables (allowing for more even drying) are old cardboard Laughing Cow cheese containers.

My "brushes" are plastic ketchup bottles (11 for $2.99), as well as bottles that used to contain my contact lens cleaning solution (Aquify brand is best). I also apply and erase paint with cut-up old T-shirts, paper towels and sand paper.

Mixed paints are stored in former yogurt and cottage cheese containers.

Sometimes it looks more like a recycling center than an art studio!

The view above was taken by my husband from outside the studio. I was oblivious to the beautiful sunset in the backyard, much more intent on adding another layer to a new painting!

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