Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's cooking today

A few new things cooking in the studio. Here's the beginning of my foray into reds; I've been drawn to "berry" reds rather than a primary red, I guess to ease the transition from blue! I'm starting small -- these are 20 inches square -- and hoping to develop my "berry vocabulary" before I move on to some larger sizes. I'm ultimately aiming for 5 long panels (like the "Tides" series on my website homepage), 58" H x 20" W each.

I'm also continuing work on a series that's been ongoing for some time now (since 2001!), canvases with circles glued into a row. I made a few small ones last week; now I'm going to move up to 40 inch square canvases. I made the fabric below this afternoon (squirting blue paint onto wet white curtain fabric), and when it's dry, I'll cut it into circles and glue it onto my canvas:

Here's an example of an earlier piece (2009), titled "Blue Circles 1," made in the same format, to give you an idea of how this new one will look when finished:


Anonymous said...

I just love these pieces with circles. But how on earth do you cut out circles with such precision?! Even a rotary cutter can't do that.

sherrill :)

Catherine Carter said...

Thank you, Sherrill. I have a circle template cut from cardboard, and I just lay a small piece of the fabric over it and cut it out. It's small enough to fit easily into my hand.