Sunday, June 6, 2010

A little rusty

My painting style might look free and easy, but if I don't apply the layers in exactly the right order and consistency, I get a big mushy mess!

I haven't painted for about a month, and last night I realized It Was Time to head back to the studio. I had two big canvases (56" x 32") all stretched and ready to go, and I had an idea that I wanted to make more of the ultra-loose and wet-looking works I've made most recently.

So I cranked the tunes, grabbed a brush, and headed forth. But I had forgotten the order I was working in when I made those watery-looking pieces! I got way too much paint on there, but I was too excited to stop, so I just kept on splashing. I ended up with this non-descript Pollocky-looking scramble!

BUT, I had lots of fun, and now I remember exactly what steps I need to work in to get the effect I want. So I'll paint over these two canvases and give it another shot.

I think painting is like working out. When you take a break for any length of time, it takes a while to get yourself back into fighting trim!


CMC said...

I know what you mean about getting rusty.......BUT, I like this one.

Cheryl Clinton said...

So true! I am mucking about in the studio for the first time in a while. I'm having a great time, but making a BIG MESS!

Catherine Carter said...

My two friends Cheryl: thank you for your feedback! Sometimes, a BIG MESS is the whole point!