Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two new series

Here are a couple of new series.

The orange series is finished; each of the three pieces is 40" H x 32" W.

This blue series is in progress; the first two pieces are finished, and I still have three more coming along. The paintings themselves are made; I am just completing the process of mounting them on cradled boards (16" H x 12" W).

I have just finished compiling a detailed grant proposal, which I'm about to send off in the mail this morning. Also, my summer semester at the college where I teach wrapped up last week, and I've just submitted the final grades on line. So, lots of projects finished, ready to take a little rest before I plunge back into summer teaching next week!


Lynette Haggard said...

Love the new work! Sending lots of good energy your way on the grant. Best of luck to you.

Ian MacLeod said...

great work Catherine - I love the sense of the 'soft-focus' in the 2 blue pieces.

Catherine Carter said...

Thank you, Lynette, I hope your good wishes will bring me luck with the grant! I'll let you know ... although I won't find out until December.

Ian, I'm so glad you like these. I really loved the recent images you posted of your work.