Saturday, August 14, 2010

Watercolor students' work

I taught another beginner watercolor course this past week at the Danforth Museum School in Framingham, MA, which was my final course of the summer! Now I have a bit of time to reflect on life in general. I've been painting painting painting and teaching teaching teaching ... with no breaks, since January, really. I think a little time to stare out the window is in order! My next class doesn't start until September 2, so thankfully, I have that time.

Here are some of the wonderful works created by my students in last week's course. They are all public-school teachers as well as artists:

This painting is by Amy Ubele Brown, who teaches in Framingham:

This painting is by Megan Slesinger, who teaches in Wellesley, MA:

This painting is by Hannah Close, who teaches in Kingston, MA:

This painting is by Ellen Taylor, who teaches in Framingham, MA:

This painting is by Erin Jameson Yates, who teaches in Hudson, MA:


Elaine said...

Really beautiful and thoughtful work. I remember my one and only watercolor class at Eastern Ill. Univ. and how liberating it was to have to work fast!

wendy soneson said...

wow you did a great job teaching these students!

Catherine Carter said...

They definitely did a beautiful job! Thank you for your feedback.

Erin Yates said...

I LOVED this class! I hope you are doing well Catherine!