Monday, January 3, 2011

Deborah Bohnert's Art/Life Project

Just when I thought Deborah Bohnert couldn't get any cooler ...

Deborah Bohnert is a Boston-area artist whom I have long admired, and whose work I have long enjoyed. Imagine my pleasure when, in September 2009, she asked me to participate in her "Art/Life Project." All I had to do to participate was to accept a wonderful artwork of hers, any one that I chose, for free. I answered YES without a moment's hesitation!

That was cool enough. Then, about a year ago, Deb asked if I would write a statement for the Art/Life Project. Again, easy as pie for me to do, since I love her work.

And finally, today, when I opened my mailbox just now, things got EVEN COOLER. Deb has collected the statements from all the fortunate recipients of her artwork through the Art/Life Project and compiled them, along with images of the artworks each of us selected, into a book! She sent me a copy, and I was thrilled to receive it.

Thank you, Deb, so much for including me in your project! Like all of your artwork, this one has a concept that's original, inspiring, and that hints at many wonderful things beyond its physical materials (including the gift of giving and the measureless worth of visual beauty).

Here's the cover of her book, illustrated by the artwork chosen by one of the project recipients, Carl Belz:

And here is the back cover:

Here is the statement I contributed, and the painting I chose:

And here is the painting hanging on the wall in my bedroom, which I presented in a blog post in November:

What an inspiring way to start the New Year! I feel like one lucky art-lover.

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