Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spray on

Switching gears from the bright works on paper of Friday night, I turned my garage into a spray booth today, and made the spray-painted painting, below (acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 30" H x 20" W".

I haven't used spray-paint in my paintings in a while, years in fact, because the fumes are so noxious in my studio, even wearing a respirator, running two box fans, and with the door to the outside opened. But I can't get these terrific flat patterns any other way!

So today I opened the two garage windows, backed the car into the driveway, and started spraying! It seems to work out fine, fume-wise. Obviously the whole process would be easier if I could just wait until a sunny spring day and work outdoors, but I'm way too impatient to wait three months for that.

Also I spray-painted designs onto sheer white fabric today, and my next step is to cut them up and collage them onto canvas.

Starting tomorrow I'll be teaching five days a week for the next 14 weeks, so I probably won't be able to continue to be this prolific. I think it was anticipation of this new schedule that I was so determined to get a lot done this weekend!


stephanie clayton said...

From the photo, I would not have guessed it was spray paint. Isn't it a fun medium? I used it many times for some panel paintings I did for "The Paradise Project" a couple of years ago. I had to go outside with it, which was a challenge in the tropical wind, bugs and such. But what a great time it was!

I'm interested in seeing where your collage ideas lead next...

Catherine Carter said...

Yes, Stephanie, I LOVE spray paint! I guess it could also be used as insect repellent ... ?

Have a couple more paintings similar to this in the pipeline, hoping to work on over the weekend ...