Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taking care of business

A tedious but important part of being an artist is being one's own registrar / preparator.

Today I am finally getting to a task I had been trying to put off: trimming, labeling, wrapping and storing my latest series of works on paper. My goal is that, as soon as I get a call from one of my art consultants saying that they're looking for new work, I can just reach into the shelf and pull out my paintings, all ready to present. I hate having to label, wrap, etc., at the last minute!

Here I'm mending a few borders that tore unevenly when I was removing tape from the edges. After this, I will label the images on the back with their top, title, copyright symbol and my signature.

Then I make little "envelopes" for each work with glassine paper:

Finally I slide the works into my makeshift flat file (yes, I know I should invest in a real one, and I will eventually), divided into series with heavy pieces of cardboard:

I also have a number of new paintings that need to be labeled and wrapped in plastic today, while I'm at it.

Eventually I'm looking forward to getting back to the fun part: creating new work!

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