Monday, August 1, 2011

New painting inventory site

I have finally solved an ongoing conundrum. I want to present my work to galleries in a way that shows my latest series and reflects a cohesive and thoroughly explored artistic direction. Art consultants, however, don't particularly care how recent or cohesive the work is, just so long as it presents an attractive picture in the space their client wants filled. But my goal as an artist is to both exhibit my work through gallerists and curators AS WELL AS sell it through art consultants.

Further complicating this distinction is the fact that I have a wide variety of series from over the years that, taken as a whole, might seem unfocused. And while I don't want to stick images of everything but the kitchen sink onto my website, that means that my older paintings could end up languishing in storage if they're not seen on line.

Then I got the idea to create a site specifically for art consultants, and since their projects often involve placing artwork in an already decorated room with an established color scheme, I decided to arrange the works by color.

So here's my new inventory site:

Now, to get the word out, to the consultants I already work with as well as new contacts ...


Stephanie Clayton said...

Brilliant idea, Catherine. It's well organized and cohesive, just like you want.
A big concern for the artist is how to present series of work so as not to appear random or misdirected. You've conquered this issue very well with your new inventory site.

Catherine Carter said...

Thank you, Stephanie, I just added a link to my website, so hopefully that will help get it "out there."