Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oldies But Goodies, Part 1 in a series

Detail of "Silken Web"
I am adding a new feature to my blog: "Oldies But Goodies." I am now marking my 16th year as a professional artist (1997 being the year I earned my M.F.A. in painting), which means that I have begun to amass a body of work that reflects over a decade of exploration and development. I certainly intend to go on for at least another -- oh, let's say 40 years of art-making. But I thought it might be an interesting blog series to present highlights from the past, that show where I've been.

Below is "Silken Web," made from acrylic paint on fabric on canvas that measures 30" high by 20" wide. It was created in 2007, by squeezing lines of white paint onto a piece of thin polyester (an old curtain lining from Savers) while the fabric was lying on top of a stretched canvas of untreated cotton duck. The double-layered surface made two impressions of the same pattern, which creates a three-dimensional quality.

I am very proud of this painting! It has a soft, hypnotic sense of glowing light that is both simple and complex. It was sold to a Boston condominium soon after it was made and is now on display in one of their public spaces.

"Silken Web," acrylic on fabric on canvas, 30" x 20", 2007

For a complete display of works from each of those 16 years, visit my "painting archive" blog at

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