Friday, July 5, 2013

All Together Now

June was a month for finishing up the three black and white groupings I've been chipping away at throughout the last six months, all of which are pictured below.

The interesting thing about these various series I've created in 2013, to me, is that I got the idea to make them all in an unusual way for me: the way they would look when finished popped into my head, complete, before I even picked up the brush to start! This is completely different from the way I've been accustomed to working since graduate school in the mid-'90s, which was: gather a bunch of paints and brushes around a blank stretched canvas, start flinging paint, and see what happens. Straight from the Abstract Expressionists. But my latest method seems to be: a flash of inspiration, then proceed to bring that vision to life as exactly as possible.

"Scrawl 1" and "2," acrylic on canvas, 30" square each

"Shorthand" 1 through 9, acrylic on canvas, 12" square each

"Suspense" 1 through 5, acrylic on canvas, 56" H x 12" W each

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