Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Visions of shoes dancing in my head

Yesterday I helped my mother do some sorting in her house, which included the discovery of a pile of books I had as a child. In poking through images I hadn't seen in 40 years, I realized how long and hard I had stared at so many of the pictures in these books! It was like I was intent on memorizing the colors, shapes and designs I saw there.

Case in point: here's an old fairy tale book of mine. My favorite story was "The Twelve Dancing Princesses," not so much because I liked that story but because I LOVED looking at the illustrations of the shoes that accompanied it. I even colored in the black and white drawings with crayon! I knew I wasn't supposed to write in my books, never mind color them in, but I couldn't help myself.

Page from "The Red Fairy Book"

Coming across this page is striking, because it reminds me of the shoe drawings I've made in recent years:

And the black ribbon on the shoe drawing on the page in the fairy tale book ...

... reminds me of the black line paintings I've done this year.

"Scrawl 2," acrylic on canvas, 30 inches square, 2013

 So it seems the visual inspirations experienced during childhood settle in our unconscious minds, and remain with us throughout our lives!

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