Thursday, September 5, 2013

New exhibit at Mazmanian Gallery

I am so pleased to be a participant in "Actions/Reactions," a three-person exhibit at the Mazmanian Gallery at Framingham State University. Pieces from my new "Markings" series are on display, alongside works by Caitlin Nesbit and Carol O'Malia. The show is up until September 27.

Here are views of the exhibit:

Gallery entrance

My work "Shorthand" on wall, with a ceramic piece by Caitlin Nesbit in foreground.

Oil painting by Carol O'Malia and ceramic sculpture by Caitlin Nesbit, with "Shorthand" on far left wall.

"Suspense" (left) and "Scrawl" (right), both acrylic on canvas.
I've been experimenting with new display configurations in the studio this year, including "multiple" canvases in one artwork. I've also been playing with the connection between cursive writing and gestural drawing. This show gives me a chance to present my explorations in these new directions!

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