Thursday, December 26, 2013

Au revoir, 2013 ... welcome in, 2014

Time for my annual look back at the gifts which the past year has offered me as an artist, and my look forward into the coming year.

2013 was a proud year for exhibition opportunities. From January 29 to March 2, I was honored that three Boston-area artists joined me for the show I curated at the Mount Ida College Art Gallery in Newton, MA, titled "Exponential: Four Artists Explore Infinity." They were Sand T Kalloch, Nancy Natale, and Jeanne Williamson. Video of exhibit

View of paintings from my "Tendrils" series at "Exponential" exhibit

I also had the chance to exhibit my new "Markings" series at "Actions/Reactions," a three-person show of studio-art adjunct faculty members at the Mazmanian Art Gallery at Framingham State University from September 3 to 27. My co-exhibitors were ceramic artist Caitlin Nesbit and oil painter Carol O'Malia. Video of exhibit

View of "Suspense" (left) and "Scrawl" (right) at "Actions/Reactions"

I was fortunate to have my work included in "Off the Wall," an annual national juried show at the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, MA. Also at the Danforth, in the Museum School's Round Room Gallery, I co-curated a "Small Works" group show with Robert Collins which ran from November 3 to December 15. I was honored that Laraine Armenti, David Baggarly, and Cheryl Clinton agreed to join Bob and me for this show, in addition to the other artists whom he invited.

My painting "Blue Circles 1" (pictured below) was selected as part of a decoration package by Hyatt Place Hotels, and has been displayed as prints during 2013 at more than 30 brand-new Hyatt Place locations across the U.S., including Atlanta, Austin, Orlando, Minneapolis, New Orleans, and New York City.

"Blue Spheres 1"

2013 was also a year of planning and scheming for the future. I've got lots in store for 2014, many opportunities which began as seedling ideas during 2013 and are now ripening, ready for fruition during the next 12 months. These include a new website to be rolled out soon, as well as an exhibition plan that focuses on solo displays of my latest collage series and the continuation of themed curated group shows that I have come to love doing on an annual basis. I'm looking forward to sharing these developments with you in upcoming posts on this blog!

As always, I wish readers of my blog a most Happy and Productive New Year, and thank you for your continued readership and support.

Happy New Year!


Thombeau said...

A wonderful post which gives a greater context to your work of the past year. Congrats and best wishes for a creative 2014!

Catherine Carter said...

Thank you so much, Thom! <3