Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Smiling for the camera

"Throwback Thursdays" have become a regular feature on Facebook, so I thought I'd enter a post on my blog in the same spirit. Below is a portrait of me at age 5, approximately, enacting a scene that has repeated itself many many times over the years: posing against a wall displaying my latest artworks!  These are crayon portraits of my mother, who was (and still is) the most beautiful subject in the world to me. This shot was taken by my grandfather after my grandmother, who was always a great supporter of my artistic aspirations (her father was an artist), had hung my drawings on the wall.

An aspiring artist in 1967
Fast forward 45 years! A few things have changed in that time; I've switched from crayons to acrylic paints, for one. But I'm still making art, and posing alongside it in order to preserve the moment. Here I am in 2012, with several of my artworks on display at a show I curated/participated in at Fountain Street Fine Art.

A professional artist 45 years later
So that's my entry for Throwback Thursday!

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