Saturday, May 30, 2015

New astrological month, new energy

I'm a Gemini, and the calendar has slipped into Gemini, and WOW! The calm and resolute productivity I experienced in the studio since late April has imploded into an overdrive mode of driven, crackling energy! The ideas keep flying, faster than I can catch them and manufacture them.

I'm planning a series of colorful diptychs, but had to order a set of cradled boards to mount them on, and the order isn't due to be delivered until the middle of next week. I've also put my "Filigree" series on hold while I get the pieces I created (seven 40x30 and nine 20x20 canvases) photographed. So now I'm adding to the "Mosaic" series I was working on during January-April 2014. Here's the latest piece, as yet untitled; it's acrylic on paper collaged onto 40" square canvas.

Busy, busy, busy! As a full summer schedule of teaching approaches, I'm happy to have a chance to eke out a few more weeks of steady studio time!

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