Thursday, April 24, 2008

With a little bit of luck

My work is getting out into the world ... it's being offered, anyway, and I'll see what kind of results I get.

A local corporation that regularly buys work by Boston-area artists has asked to look at 15 of my paintings, with a presentation day in a few weeks, so hopefully that will lead to a purchase.

Also I'm about to enter four juried shows in May, and I've got optimistic hopes for getting work into at least several of those.

When we were in our 20s, my friends and I had a rule amongst ourselves: If you were dating someone you liked, you never told your friends any details about him unless at least three dates had gone by and things seemed to be going well. If you talked about him too much too soon, he was bound to stop asking you out. Same thing with job interviews. Even if an interview seemed to go extremely well, you never talked about the job with your friends until you were definitely offered it, or that would be "bad luck" as well. So I hope I'm not jinxing my chances at any of these opportunities if I blog about them, but I'm so excited about the prospects that I can't resist!

The painting shown at the top of this entry is an oldie but goodie of mine, made in 1998. A friend of a friend (who's now a friend), a resident of New Zealand, fell in love with it when she saw it on my website and eventually purchased it. (I was particularly flattered because she is a talented artist herself.)

That was an unlikely but fortunate destination for a work of mine ... I hope that some of my newer work has this much luck with sales and shows!

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