Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Upcoming exhibit at New Art Center

I am honored to have been invited to participate in an exhibit curated by Susan Goldwitz, to be presented at the New Art Center through its Curatorial Opportunities Program. Titled "Opening Lines," Susan's proposal was one of three selected for exhibition out of 33 applicants.

While the exact dates are yet to be determined (Winter 2009), the Center has posted a page of scheduled exhibits (scroll half-way down page), which gives a good sense of what an exciting group Susan has assembled. Her exhibit will feature works by Tina Roche-Kelly, Richard Serra, Anne Lilly, Sol LeWitt, Michael Beatty, Masako Kamiya, John Bisbee, Jill Weber, Jennifer Perry, Agnes Martin, and (blush) me.

I'm pretty psyched to have an image of my work pictured right beside the work of the legendary Ms. Martin!

I also notice on this page that my friend, the wonderful artist Roger Kizik, will be participating in a two-person show at the Center during its Winter/Spring slot. I highly recommend seeing that one!


Rebecca Crowell said...

Wow! That is an all-star line-up! Congratulations, and it looks like a really interesting and beautiful show.

Catherine Carter said...

Thank you so much, Rebecca -- I think it will be a fascinating show to experience. The gallery itself is a former church, so it's a striking space in which to display and view art. Something to look forward to!