Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Latest works

Here are a number of new pieces. These first two are a continuation of a small (10 inch square) series I've been working on since spring, made of painted fabric collage on cradled boards:

This is one of a group of three acrylic-and-paper collages on stretched canvas, 50 inches high by 30 inches wide, that I made last week. I now have five in this series:

And this is one I finished yesterday, 40 inches square, made up of acrylic and paper torn squares collaged onto stretched canvas:


Vee said...

Hey Catherine,

I do not understand this art at all. What are these called?

Catherine Carter said...

My paintings are made up of gestural marks inspired by calligraphy, textile weaves, and natural lines like branches and vines. Feel free to visit my web site,, to get a more complete view of the various series I've worked on.

Best, Catherine

Vee said...

Will do