Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A wonderful letter

I am SO happy that Sue Aygarn-Kowalski, the artist whom I last profiled in my monthly newspaper series on artists who work in the New Bedford, Massachusetts, area, wrote an appreciative letter on my article to the editor, and that the paper printed it in today's Opinion section.

Sue was recommended to me by another artist, so I didn't know her before I arrived at her studio for our interview. But as soon as I met her, I recognized her as someone with a deep sense of personal integrity and artistic honesty. In other words, it really means something to her that her art is a sincere reflection of HER AS A PERSON, and what she believes in.

Then I saw her work, metal sculpture and jewelry, and had the opportunity to watch her create it, and I was greatly impressed by her skill, knowledge and craftsmanship.

So I hoped, when I was writing the story about her, that I would do her and her work justice. Judging from her letter, I succeeded. Yay!

Here is Sue's letter to Robert Unger, the editor-in-chief of the New Bedford Standard-Times.


Martha Marshall said...

Congratulations, Catherine! I loved the article you wrote. That was so nice of the artist to write that letter in your behalf. That means a lot, I know.

Catherine Carter said...

Thank you so much, Martha, for your kind words on my article. It wasn't hard to write about Sue -- she's a most talented person.