Friday, April 17, 2009

Back to the blog

I've been coaxed back to blogging!

I've gotten a lot of encouraging feedback from faithful readers who say they are sorry I stopped blogging, but their kind words weren't enough to convince me to commit to daily writing again.

Finally today I got an email from a wonderful lady who discovered my blog during her day-job at a university library. A painter herself, she says she read my entire blog the other day and was inspired by my writing. She ended her lovely note with the words: "I felt like you should know that what you have written and painted has touched someone."

Hey, I'm not made of stone!!!

And so, I return to blogging.

A lot going on in the studio since I last wrote! I'm making a bunch of small pieces, two four-inch-square cradled boards joined together (one is pictured at the top of this entry), and I've just embarked on a project that will consist of seven long, thin canvases hung beside one another (each 50 inches high by 10 inches wide).

So, continued musings on my life in the studio, comin' right up.

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