Friday, August 28, 2009

Spontaneous series

Here are the new paintings I was referring to in yesterday's blog entry on the importance of "going with the flow" --


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,

Very impressive and totally different from your usual style - the first two.

The third one is so appealing to me. It's delicate and subtle, with a gentle energy.

It's probably a chef's secret but just in case it's not - how the heck did you get that blister effect in No. 1?


Rebecca Crowell said...

Enjoyed these last two posts together, the process of allowing your inner direction to come on strong. I relate...lots to think about here.

Catherine Carter said...

Thank you for the kind words, Sherrill and Rebecca! I'm glad you could relate to my experiences in the studio.

The top painting was made on unprimed cotton duck, so when the paint touched certain areas, the fabric gathered up slightly and caused this rippling effect. Unintentional, but I like it and intend to use it again in the future.