Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New small works

Here are some new small works I've just made, with an eye toward the New Bedford Open Studios, which I'm participating in as a guest artist early next month. These little guys are eight inches square, acrylic on paper mounted on canvas.


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,

Is there any specific reason why you would create your piece on paper and then apply it to the canvas? And, are these gallery wrapped canvases?

I am really attracted to the black and white one. Is that encaustic?


Catherine Carter said...

A number of reasons, Sherrill, but the major one is that I don't like frames, so this method enables me to present works on paper without the work being under glass or contained by a frame. Also, sometimes I want the surface of paper rather than canvas.

The black and white one was a combination of gel medium and spray paint, with white acrylic lines on top. Glad you like it!