Sunday, November 21, 2010

Paint continues to flow

Working all weekend on this new series and continue to be very pleased with the results. I am consciously trying to create a body of work, which is difficult for me, as my Gemini mind gets bored easily once I've developed a new technique, and starts wandering hither and yon.

My goal is to have 10 works on canvas that are 20 inches square, 5 that are 40 inches square, and 10 works on paper, also 20 inches square. I haven't imposed a time limit on myself, but the ideas and works keep flowing.

I am having great trouble taking any sort of decent photos! I can see that I'll have to go to the professional photographer to shoot these for me once the series is realized.

Here is a closeup of a light silvery gray one that is 40 inches square:

Here are some of the works on paper, in the intial white stage, still drying. (I always smile when I hear someone say they get frustrated that acrylic paint dries so fast. I always have two fans trained on the work, and I stand there impatiently waiting for it to dry!)

Here's one of the works on paper. It has a black first layer, then a layer of alizarin crimson.

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