Saturday, April 23, 2011

Next one in series

Latest series continues (acrylic on canvas, 44" H x 30" W), finished last night:

After creating 7 of these, I'm planning 3 more, with the same limited palette (1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 brown) to see where it will take me color-wise, then I plan to re-evaluate where I'm at. I might either try a similarly composed series using 3 cool colors, or continue with these colors on a larger format (56" H x 40" W are the stretcher bar sizes I have on hand).

BTW, this is why I could/would never be a photographer, and why I admire photographers so much. I noticed this wonderful view in my house, a grouping of clip lights and the shadows they cast, and thought, "Doesn't that look interesting!" So I took a photo ... and it's a big YAWN. Maybe the camera flattens out the image somehow, or the lighting comes out differently in a photo from the way it looks in real life ...

Anyway, my hat is off to anyone who can take great (even barely decent) pictures!

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