Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inspirations old and new

Phew, just finished my 10-piece "Autumn Lines" series, and they're heading to the photographer's next week. It feels like a big project has been completed, and I'll probably take a bit of a rest before I paint that intensely again.

I already know what direction I'll be heading in when I do resume my studio time, though. I saw the wonderful exhibit "Global Patterns: Dress and Textiles in Africa" at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston last week, and I was especially inspired by an indigo-dyed length of fabric that was part of the show. I sat and stared at it for quite some time!

When I returned home, I couldn't find that particular piece on line, but I did find this one that shares its color and a similar type of pattern here:

This exhibit reminded me of a direction I was going in about 10 years ago. I wasn't consciously inspired by African textiles, but there is a definite similarity between those works and what I saw at the MFA last week. For example, here is a painting called "Strike," which I made in 2001 (acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 28" square).

So I'm figuring that I'll start a series with these kinds of shapes, colors and allover pattern on a square. Looking forward to it!


Nancy Natale said...

I really love this piece, Catherine. African textiles are so inspiring to me, too. Happy painting with the new direction!

Catherine Carter said...

Thank you, Nancy, I'm excited about heading this way.