Saturday, September 10, 2011

Early-autumn art jaunt

Yesterday I had a chance to visit my dear friend and fellow painter Alma Cummings, so we could take in some art exhibits in Southcoast Massachusetts. Thankfully the pouring rain of the past few days had blown away, and sparkling sunshine lit our drive to Dedee Shattuck's glorious new (eponymous) gallery in Westport. What a wonderful space! The building and opening of this beautiful gallery is a dream come true for Dedee. It's also a dream come true for the viewer, as she is currently showing a stunning new series by Anne Leone. It's always a magical experience to view Anne's paintings of life-sized swimmers viewed from underwater, but her work finds its perfect display space here. Not only has Dedee hung them slightly above traditional height on the walls, so the swimmers truly appear to be floating in the water, but the brilliant sunshine streaming through the gallery windows highlights the sense of light from above the water's surface. What an exciting experience, to see this particular artwork in this particular space!

After a delicious burrito at No Problemo, Alma and I also visited a group show at the inviting Judith Klein Art Gallery in downtown New Bedford. Here were many wonderful artworks by artist couples who are also Southcoast residents. A wide variety of styles to savor.

A satisfying way to spend a beautiful early-fall day, seeing new art with an old friend. I'll be back to the area next week to hang artwork of my own in an upcoming four-person show at Artworks, also in downtown New Bedford.

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