Sunday, September 25, 2011

Views of "Squiggles and Squares"

Here are views of "Squiggles and Squares," the four-person show I've co-curated at Artworks Gallery in New Bedford, MA. (Photographs are taken by my husband Kevin.) The show is on exhibit until November 2; for more information, please visit

Today was our opening reception, and here's the lineup of participating artists (left to right): Elin Noble, me, Adria Arch, and Jeanne Williamson.

Here's the entrance to the charming Artworks Gallery, facing a quaint cobble-stoned street:

This wall holds four pieces from my "Autumn Lines" series:

A view of "Constellation 1," a work on paper by Adria Arch:

Three wall sculptures by Adria Arch, "Soft Serve 2," "Creamsicle," and "Soft Serve 1":

Two pieces from Elin Noble's "Vox Stellarum" series:

Two pieces from Elin Noble's "Lake at Night" series:

Left wall, "The Fence As Lace #1" by Jeanne Williamson / center wall, "The Fence As Lace #2" by Jeanne Williamson / "Blue Glyph Column" by Adria Arch:

Left, "Seasonal Fences - Winter #1" through "#4" by Jeanne Williamson / center, "Blue Glyph Column" by Adria Arch / right, "Strawberry Frost, "Vanilla Frost," and "Lemon Frost" by Catherine Carter:


Lisa Call said...

The show looks fantastic - congratulations to all of you.

Catherine Carter said...

Thank you, Lisa, I appreciate hearing from you!