Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Small Works" now on display

Now on view is a "Small Works" painting exhibit I have co-curated with Bob Collins at the Danforth Art School Gallery in Framingham, Massachusetts.

When Bob invited me to work with him on this show, we each selected artists whose paintings we enjoy and invited them to display works under 20 inches. The result is a rich and distinctive mixture of styles, materials and approaches by a total of 11 Massachusetts artists.

I am inspired by the contributions to the show by the three painters I invited to join us: Laraine Armenti, David Baggarly, and Cheryl Clinton. Laraine is offering a series of interior views captured in her studio, including "Blue Plant," oil on linen panel, 10" H x 8" W:
"Blue Plant" by Laraine Armenti

I am honored that David Baggarly has created a series of new works for this show, which include the mystical "Short Story # 5," mixed water media on a 12 inch square surface:

"Short Story # 5" by David Baggarly

Cherie Clinton is showing selections from her recent series of landscapes drawn from the woodlands surrounding her home in Boylston, Massachusetts, including "Boylston Tree Light # 2," made of acrylic on a 12 inch square panel:

"Boylston Tree Light # 2" by Cheryl Clinton

And I am displaying this triptych of acrylic paintings on canvas titled "Autumn Tangles"; each one is acrylic on canvas and measures 20" H x 14" W:

"Autumn Tangles 1, 2 and 3" by Catherine Carter / Photo by Cheryl Clinton

Here is a view of one of the walls of the show, shot by Cheryl Clinton:

Opening reception setup / Photo by Cheryl Clinton

Also in the show are works by Robert Collins (co-curator), Meredith Fife Day, Catherine Kehoe, Gabrielle Mossa, Lisa Gabrielle Russell, Janine Schmitt, and Patrice Sullivan.

Bob and I are grateful to Pat Walker, education director at Danforth Art, for working with Bob to place the paintings and hanging the artwork.

The show remains on exhibit until December 15. For more information, please click HERE.

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