Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reflections on turning 45

I was born 45 years ago today!

My beloved friend, Wendy Soneson, an awesome watercolorist, gave me the beautiful painting above for my birthday.

Something about this picture captures exactly what I feel about turning 45. There is so much fear in our society -- among and directed at women especially -- about getting older, leaving one's youth behind, not being as physically attractive as we were in the past.

But growing older means finding your true self, as suggested by this woman's revealing of her body. When you are 45, you are no longer confused about your direction in life. You know and respect yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. With this self-knowledge, you can move toward greater love of yourself and others, more profound and genuine self-expression, and you can contribute more of value to the world.

In honor of my birthday, yesterday Wendy served me a delicious home-cooked salmon meal, took me for a ride on the swan boats, then treated me to high tea at the Four Seasons Hotel -- and above all, her divine company. What more wonderful gifts could one ask for on her birthday?!


Rebecca Crowell said...

Hey it is my birthday today too! I turned 53. As part of the day's events, two of my friends took me down to the river to gather 53 rocks which I plan to put together in a circle in my rock garden.

I agree with your thoughts about getting older and am definitely enjoying my present age.

Happy birthday!

Catherine Carter said...

That's cool that we share our birthday day, Rebecca! Your experience for the day sounds wonderful.

Happy Birthday to you too.