Sunday, July 8, 2007

A range of roles

There's a lot more to being an artist than working in the studio. You have to "prime the pump," as Julia Cameron says. And, you have to "bring home the bacon," as Andy Warhol said.

I spent last week viewing other artists' work and writing about it.

Last Tuesday, I interviewed Joyce Utting Schutter, who combines hand-made paper with welded steel in sculpture inspired by her love for natural forms and her concerns about environmental issues. To see Joyce's work, click here. The profile I wrote on her will be coming out soon as part of the monthly series I write for the New Bedford Standard-Times.

On Friday, I saw a solo show of new works in oil by Carol O'Malia at the Borowicz Gallery in Dartmouth, MA. For a number of years, Carol has been painting calm, divine views of sunlight shining through tree trunks and casting long blue shadows onto snow. For this show, she has applied her unique sense of texture and light to a more emotionally charged environment: the bed. Her work can be seen here. My review of Carol's show will be published next week in the Standard-Times; I'll post a link on this blog.

I was also a delivery person last week, driving a painting to an exhibit in Wakefield, Rhode Island. And Friday I'll be dropping some work off with an art consultant in Cambridge.

Tomorrow I will begin teaching again, after a three-week hiatus. For the next five weeks, I will be teaching a watercolor course three days a week for four hours a day at Framingham State College.

And as soon as my paycheck arrives in August, I plan on buying a raft of Golden fluid acrylic paints! (Don't worry, Mom, 10 percent will go into my savings account.)

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