Saturday, October 20, 2007

Don't throw out those contact lens cleaner bottles

Here's another new piece, made by squirting Golden fluid acrylic paint onto wet canvas. The bottles that Aquify brand contact lens cleaner comes in make the best extrusion devices. Why buy special bottles from the art supply store?

This is another one of those paintings that was extraordinary when it was still wet. The surface was glistening, like a closeup of a damp strawberry. I still like the pattern now that it's dry, but I miss that glowing appearance of three dimensions it had when it was wet!


Anonymous said...

try glazing it with gloss gel medium...will bring that wet sparkle back

Catherine Carter said...

I never feel like I can quite get the paint color back to where it was when it was wet. But you're definitely right, the "permanent" shine from gloss gel does help.