Saturday, October 6, 2007

Works on display at Danforth Museum School

Seven of my paintings are currently on display at the Danforth Museum School in Framingham, Massachusetts. One of them is pictured above, “Weave,” 20” x 20”, made of spray paint and fabric collage on canvas. This is the one I’ve gotten the most positive feedback on!


Michael H said...

Hi Catherine,

Just discovered you today while looking at the Brush Art Gallery website. Lovely work! I especially like the Sky/Stream/Stem works, and the Bounce painting that was in the Brush show. These works resonate with me. I'm a somewhat lapsed artist who wandered off into the software business, never did much with showing my art, but try to continue doing work when I can.

I'm especially excited to see an abstract painter with an active blog talking about their work. Oh, and it's great that you include nice large scans of all the paintings you post!

I look forward to reading more, and hopefully seeing your work in person.


Catherine Carter said...

Michael, thanks a million for the kind and encouraging words! I really appreciate your taking the time to write. It's a cool thing to express oneself honestly in the studio, and then hear that that expression finds a resonance with other artists.