Sunday, December 9, 2007

Season winding down

Well, this is a rarity. I trundled down to the studio this afternoon and wasn’t able to make anything happen. It felt like trying to light a wet match. Not even a spark. This despite the fact that I have a good painting started, as well as a number of nice painted papers ready to go into a new collage.

This is a sure sign that I am fried and need a rest from the usual routine, even if that routine includes painting. Basically since August, it’s been GO GO GO with my teaching (three schools this semester), and now the semester is slowly winding down. It will be a relief to have a few weeks in which I don’t have to present any sort of demonstration to a class, or put together handouts, or critique student art works. I enjoy doing all of these things, but I guess we need a rest even from things we enjoy.

Time to brew up a nice hot cup of tea, curl up on the couch, and gaze out the window for a while.

The image above is “Smoke,” 20 inches square, made of acrylic and spray paint on canvas in 2006.

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