Monday, April 14, 2008

An organic trip for the imagination

Julia Cameron wrote of the benefit of "artist dates" in the first of her much-loved series The Artist's Way. She advised artists to try one new and unusual adventure on a weekly basis, preferably alone and hopefully free of charge, in order to give the imagination a little nudge and "fill the well," as she put it.

Yesterday I went to hear an organ concert at the Saint Anthony of Padua Parish in New Bedford, Massachusetts. No sense in trying to verbalize what was essentially a non-verbal experience, but suffice it to say, my imagination got quite a workout! Not only was the voice of the organ magnificent, the playing of the organist brilliant, and the interior of the church astounding (see photo above), but the program included one of my favorite pieces, "Carnival of the Animals" by Saint-Saens.

Imagine a giant reed instrument making sounds that call to mind the gliding of a swan, the striding of a lion, the pecking of a chicken, and the creeping of a tortoise! I had so much fun. I'm sure I experienced the creative benefits that Ms. Cameron was writing about.

For more information about the church's organ series (there's another concert coming up on May 4), visit their web site here.

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