Monday, May 26, 2008

Grids and more grids

The grid series continues; I made these two pieces today. The image below (not a grid, so strictly not a part of the series), includes a layer of cut paper. After two hours of working on it this morning, my fingers are still tired this evening from pressing on the handle of the Exacto knife! I don't think I could work this way every day. All of these works are 20 inches square on stretched canvas.

Most of the pieces in this series incorporate the raw canvas somewhere within the collage, either as a background area that shows through or in painted marks on collaged squares of raw canvas. Canvas tends to be thought of as utilitarian, merely a surface to be covered up so you can put the paint on. I love it plain, however. Those little flecks of brown are beautiful and simple to me, directly related to the natural state of the cotton plant.

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